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Victoria Navarro

Victoria has been immersed in her yoga practice for a long time, but officially qualified as a RYT300 hour Shantiseva teacher in 2016 under the guidance of her mentor, Tina James.

What brought Victoria to yoga was a combination of curiosity towards the human mind and our search for purpose in order to find happiness and profound meaning in life.

After her graduation as a psychologist, Victoria specialised as an executive life coach and even travelled the world for three years as a spiritual anthropologist. It was not until she found the asana practice and meditation that she felt her journey was completed. Yoga has introduced her to a lifelong journey of inner exploration.

Like her daily life, Victoria's classes are fully inspired by Mother Nature within us and her loving connection with all other living beings (ahimsa), sound and sacred vibration through mantras and moving dynamic music (nada), a gentle touch of the ancient yoga philosophy is woven in (shastra), mindful meditation (dhyana), and true devotion (bhakti).

In the coming months, Victoria will be offering her unique coaching services to the community, with the humble intention of accompanying souls seekers on their inner journeys, helping them to "root down" their souls.