Synchronicity and following intuition are what first brought Nalini to Sivananda yoga. Having practiced many different kinds of yoga for several years before, Nalini didnʼt know what she was getting into when she went to Val Morin Quebec for the month-long Sivananda Yoga TTC (Teacher Training Course) in July 2011. The ashram environment was completely new to her and some of the practices didnʼt come easily at first. By trusting the process and sticking to the program, the benefits of the practices began to manifest themselves, making it easier to start embracing them.

Shortly after completing the TTC, Nalini moved to Whistler. Establishing a regular sadhana (spiritual practice) wasnʼt easy, it took her a few months before she settled in to more regular yoga practices. Though this might have seemed like a setback, it did enable her to once again experience the difference and the benefits of having a regular yoga practice. In 2014, Nalini spent 3 months practicing karma yoga (selfless service) in the Bahamas Sivananda Ashram Retreat with the intention of learning more and deepening her understanding of the practices.

In the Bahamas, Nalini was encouraged to start teaching yoga to help others experience the benefits the practice brings. She started guiding classes during her stay in the Bahamas and continued this upon returning to Whistler. With its comprehensive approach and deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of yoga, Loka Yoga studio (and all the wonderful beings who make it happen) has been a supportive and conducive environment for guiding a Sivananda practice.

The summer of 2017 gave Nalini several opportunities to put the practices she has learned into action. She feels so much gratitude for the support and clarity the teachings have given her. In July of 2017, Nalini attended the ATTC (advanced teacher training course) at the Ranch, a Sivananda ashram in New York state. This experience allowed her to dive deeper into all aspects of yoga, as taught by Swami Sivananada and Swami Vishnudevananda, once again allowing her to experience the benefits of these spiritual teachings and practices.

Yoga has permeated all aspects of Naliniʼs life, including taking on the spiritual name Nalini (it was given to her during her TTC and is meant to help bring out aspects of the lotus and gentleness). She practices simple living and does her best to maintain a light ecological footprint, to respect all other beings and the very earth we inhabit. For work, Nalini gives healing treatments as a Registered Massage Therapist. She thrives on helping others (by teaching them how to help themselves) and in her minds eye, maintains a vision of all beings living in harmony.