After taking her first yoga class in 2001 a click inside her happened, she knew yoga practice was a key part of her life. At the time she didn’t realized exactly what that meant but year after year she became more connected not only to the practice but with herself and everything around. 

Sabrina is very grateful for all the teachers she met during these years. In 2009 she did her first 300hr TT on Vinyasa Style in Brasil but it was in 2010 when she did her first Jivamukti Class with her beloved teacher Tina James that she immediately recognized that was the lineage she wanted to follow and belong. In 2014 a dream come true and she did her 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training at the Omega Institute in NY and on the following year she completed the 800hr apprenticeship with Tina Pashumati James.  

For Sabrina yoga is not just the practice on our mat but our practice on our lives. We are here to grow and to connect back to our unity.