Molokai Wild Shamanic Soul-Seva Yoga Retreat 2018
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Molokai Wild Shamanic Soul-Seva Yoga Retreat 2018

Don’t change Molokai. Let Molokai change you!

It's not by coincidence that Tina Pashumati James decided to do her next retreat in Molokai with Danny Paradise. Molokai'i is one of the smaller islands in the center of the Hawaiian island chain with only 38 miles long and 10 miles wide. Even with the modern pressure of development and growth Molokai'i community worked hard to maintain this small island a dreaming place. Protecting their resources and tradition. With 7,000 people on the island and one road, there isn't a single traffic jam or light to slow your travels. The mountains highest peak is about 5,200ft and there are beaches that run the coast for miles. Molokai'i is known for having the highest sea cliffs in the world at 3,900ft and being the most friendly island. 

About this retreat

In time a time on everyone is crazy busy jumping from one task to the other till we become extremely stressed, fatigued or will yoga is a major tool to help us to find balance to live a better life. On this one -week yoga retreat in a rustic beach front center, participation in all aspects of program will enhance your experience, including an alcohol-free vegen food, silent mediation, Japa meditation. Danny Paridise and Tina Pashumati will share Astanga and Jiavmukti Yoga daily in the morning, Plus yoga restorative with Tina in the evening Yoga Nidra and Nada Yoga.  We also have camp fire on the beach and live Music two nights with Danny Paridise. The idea is that giving yourself up to the simple timetable in this manner is extremely relaxing and can lead to a deep spiritual awareness within your yoga practice. 

We have sale boats and Kayak's snorkling and we are right on the beach there is a maximum of 12 people for personal assistance. Freedom and fun are what this beautiful place Molokai enjoys with like minded people.

Beautiful nightly accommodations for 8 days/7 nights on the  beach , ocean sunset and forest views, all yoga classes and meditations, all workshops and all expertly-crafted group programming.

Enjoy healthy daily fresh smoothies and vegan meals, with coffee- Tina's love. All food will be sourced locally.

Shantiseva (Soulful Service) is Tina's program that was developed to create a minimum footprint.


  • Vegan Lunch
  • Early evening Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidrā and Sound therapy.
  • Vegan dinner
  • Evening Satsang: Fire gathering, Sacred Mantra.
  •  Day outing's, traveling around island to explore Hawaian style.
  • Morning Practice: Yoga therapy, Ashtanga Yoga, Jivamukti yoga. Danny and Tina alternate.
  • Light breakfast Smoothies.
  • Free time for outdoor activities: swimming and exploring boating, Kayak, Saling boating, Snorkling, Reading, Walking on the beach. 


Tina Pashumati James


Tina is the owner director of Loka Yoga Whistler, and is an Ashtanga and Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and is known for her chanting, choreographic sequencing, and knowledge of the subtle body. Widely considered to be a "teacher's teacher," she transmits the Jivamukti lineage as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training and running many of her own teacher trainings over the last 10 years.
Tina’s class’s are infused with humor, a vigorous practice, as well as major rehab for serious injuries, and a different approach to assisting for total self-transformation.
Incorporating vigorous flow sequences, along with an integration of yogic philosophy, chanting, and strong emphasis on activism and ethical vegetarianism, Tina’s classes create a shift in perception where magic rises. Each of her dynamic and vigorous classes inspires students to honor and connect to body and spirit. Students regularly note the playful element of her classes and her deep sense of humor. She is known for her impassioned, unique teachings & dynamic classes, with attention to detail, precise alignment and a strong sense of empowerment.
Tina has a clear vision of a community where knowledge and spiritual activism could create a space of healing, whilst working with indigenous cultures side by side to re-create ancient rituals and ceremonies.

Danny Paradise                                         


Shamanism, Evolution, Freedom and Ashtanga Yoga

Danny Paradise, originally from Canada, is an International Yoga Teacher, Musician, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist, Film Maker, World Citizen and Activist. He began studying Ashtanga Yoga in 1976 with the West's first adepts -David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff. Since 1979 as the world's first traveling advanced Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Danny has played a seminal role initiating people world wide in over 40 countries in the practices and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga and Shamanism. In the course of 38 years teaching and traveling he has also taught some of the world's most renown Musicians, Performers, Sports Champions, Actors, Film Directors and Buddhist Lamas.

YouTube Channel: Danny Paradise Official

Package Rate

The retreat package includes ground transportation, 7 nights of accommodations, 3 meals per day, and 8 days of yoga classes, meditation, teachings and satsang. Total cost is CAD 2,990.00 + TAX with 50% non-refundable deposit and the outstanding balance should be paid 60 days before the beginning of the retreat. All payments should be done through wire transfer. Please request payment instructions to


All rooms are shared there are 5 different places where people will be accommodated: Beach Tree House, Tent on the beach, cottage, Red House and Apartment. The rooms are similar the same package rate applies to all of them. Let us know if you have any particular need.

Group size

Maximum 12 students

What's Included

  • Ground transportation from Molokai airport to the retreat
  • 3 meals per day
  •  6 nights Accommodation
  • Yoga Classes 2x per day 
  • Meditation
  • Satsang
  • Live Music

What's not Included

  • Flight from your home to Molokai - You should fly from your home to Honolulu or Maui and from one of this places take a short flight to Molokai, this is your responsibilty.
  •  Anything outside of the retreat center.  
  • Yoga material you need a Yoga mat. 

  • If you want to surf there are extra costs related, rent of surf board and Boat if needed.  please request more information. 

Before you go

  • Make sure you book your flights to Maui and from Maui to Molokai
  • Bring head led flash lights
  • Eco friendly mosquitos repelent
  • Let us know if you have any food allergies
  • Bring your yoga mat and any props you would like to use during your practice
  • note book
  • medicine that is needed for you personally.

About Molokai

Today, the people of Molokai continue to foster a strong connection to the land, a responsibility to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture, and a love for country living that sets them apart from the other Islands of Aloha. Yogis have been establishing this strong connection to the earth for thousands of years. "Sthira-sukham āsanam"PYS II.46


With a high percentage of Molokai’s population being of Native Hawaiian descent, it’s no wonder why Molokai is sometimes known as “the most Hawaiian Island.” A visit here is like a journey into Hawaii’s past, where historic spots can be discovered today, looking much like they did hundreds of years ago.

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