Phoebe Douglas

Phoebe’s passion for movement began as a child finding dance. Discovering Yoga as an adult and the connection of conscious breath linked with movement ~ was love at first sight. Her practice and study of Yoga has evolved from supportive Iyengar Yoga ~ dynamic Vinyasa Flow ~ to polar opposite Yin Yoga ~ to powerful Jivamukti Yoga ~ and now to a classical Hatha Yoga based practice of Hridaya Yoga and Meditation. The combined practice of contemplative Yoga asana and Meditation has been a profound source of peace, love, healing, great freedom ~ all whilst opening and awakening the Heart.  Awakening this connection of who we are.  Our connection to each other ~ our Earth ~ our animal family.  When not Meditating, practicing Yoga, writing or dancing ~ she will be found in the forest hugging trees. 

Each Fall Phoebe will be in Japan offering a Yoga and Meditation Retreat at the traditional Hot Spring Village of Nozawa Onsen.  Visit here for more details.