One door closes, another door opens...


Loka Yoga continues to evolve

as one door closes and another door opens…


Dearest Holy Beings,

For the last 10 years I have really enjoyed having my yoga studio here in Whistler also all the teachers and students who have come to sit with me at Loka yoga. 

Many of you have been with me for a long time and supported me through thick and thin.

I have started many teachers on their journeys into yoga and mentored and encouraged them to follow their hearts and to be honest to the teachings and knowledge.

There is to be changes here at Nita Lake so for all concerned this is an opportunity of evolution, the universe moves in mystery’s ways.

Loka Yoga Whistler will close February the 28th, the month of love. Last month will be a 1 month membership cost $99. 

Closing party will be 27th.

In February I have a 3 day immersion, the last in this space.

Loka yoga will move with me in my new venture where I Intend to create my Retreat Centre for medical healing. I will be working on this project over the next year.

I will teach one retreat a year at Nita lake and also privates to people who wish to dig deeper, my close relationship with the hotel will develop in other ways.

Loka Yoga was my baby and I am proud that my love of yoga and my community was always my priority.

I will not deny my sadness but all good things do come to an end so something new can be reborn, my own center after 30 years of learning is what I seek, to assist cancer patients, PTSD’s and I will be installing my wall permently once I find my new home.

All membership will be used within 3 months. For now on only 1 month and 5 card and 2 week passes can be sold.

Please we need Positivity and empathy towards each other, we have always honoured our landlord, students and our teachers and we shall continue to do so.

I loved working with the Bear Smart for 6 years, Bear Asia, Sea Shepard and local business’s.

Our connection over the past 10 years with my indengnous Elders, Uncle Fraser, Uncle Frank, Barry dan Clara, Vern, mumsie and over all those years the many people we took to share sacred ceremony. Such a huge honor.

To all my beloved teachers who came to Loka Yoga, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Manorama, Danny Paradise, ShyamDas, Lady Ruth, Dave Stringer, SParrow, Shrkalogy, and my beloved Manju Jois who visited us over the past 5 years. I am honored to have shared them with my teachers at Loka

The wonderful connection I had with Andre Janek (Whistler council), Diana Dunn , and all my seniors, Whistler High School, and Canadian Ski Team.

We created the first yoga conference back in the day and our work was a vocation of pure love 30 years of teaching and watching yoga grow, how lucky am I.

It’s not what you talk about that makes the difference it’s what you do in your life that determines the end result.

Now my new project beckons me. 

Always love and dedication.