Naiomi MacLean

Naiomi’s first experience of yoga was when she was 14 and happened to take a class on a school extracurricular activity in the city. Her first time really falling in love with a teacher and a studio wasn’t until university, when she found a completely karma class running three times a week with a ‘pay what you can’ structure in place. Ever since, she has always believed that yoga should be made accessible to everyone, no matter what their budget because the practice can change lives.

Naiomi has a great passion for teaching and sharing what loves and what she has learned about yoga. She has studied many different styles over the years but she always returns to her home here at Loka Yoga in Whistler and her dedicated teachers Tina Pashumati James and Victoria Grace Lopez. Their love and true dedication to their students, the community and the environment are a constant inspiration. 

When she is not teaching, Naiomi makes and shares organic coconut yogurt with the community. She loves sharing good vegan food with friends and being outside in beautiful cedar filled air that we are lucky to call our backyard. Her heart is open and ready to listen to the stories and lessons to learn from the First Nations communities. She is often found outside foraging for local medicines and talking to the trees. 

Her classes are welcoming to all levels of practitioners, with a strong focus on alignment and fun. They can be dynamic and also more toned down, she likes to adapt her lessons to each group of students she has and be receptive to their individual needs. She enjoys playing music in her classes staying true to the Jivamukti part of her yoga lineage. Naiomi has completed two separate 200 hour YTT but she considers herself an eternal student of yoga and will always be open to learning. She is excited to join her teachers in an advanced yoga training in India next fall.