Misty Misener

Misty has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her journey in this life, is to deepen her connection to our earth and her gratitude towards all of the life we share this beautiful planet with. 

Yoga has shown her a path to go deeper into my true nature. A doorway to the love she possesses for body and mind. She says, "I strive to see beyond the false images I have collected along the way."

Misty's intention is to offer a class where students can find joy in their bodies and relaxation for their minds. Her beloved teachers have guided her to find acceptance and happiness with who she is today. "I hope that I can continue to share this practice and honor the wisdom and dedication that has been passed down to us for centuries. We are presented with great sadness, destruction and struggle in today's world. Yoga is my way of accepting where we are, keeping our happiness, sharing our kindness and through dedication and practice, awakening or inner beauty," she explains.

Through the love and trust in Misty her beloved teachers have shown her, she has found a greater confidence and understanding of herself. She avows, "I can think of no greater honor than to share this gift, in even the slightest way, to another holy being."