Loka Yoga Whistler

Loka Yoga Whistler was established in 2008. We partner with local First Nation’s elders and incorporate teachings from the Ashtanga & Jivamukti Yoga methods. We are certified by Manju P. Jois as an Academy of Ashtanga Yoga and are an affiliated Jivamukti Yoga School in Whister, British Columbia, Canada.

We are located in the adventure capital of the world is where we base our teacher trainings, retreats and intensives.  We are based out of one of Whistler's most pristine hotels, Nita Lake Lodge, so we have accommodation on site.  We have only the best teachers in the world brought in because of their diligence and devotion to the practice of Yoga.

We work with the Canadian Wounded Warriors, Bear Smart, Bear Asia, PETA, Sea Shepherd and the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Prana Rising Ashtanga Life Programs are run throughout the year, both locally and internationally.